Pom pom Cardigan

Sam is 23 and studies media and entertainment management in Haarlem. She told me that she likes to make her own clothes and has a soft spot for all things vintage. How cute is her cardigan!

Artfully Ripped

Meike, 19

Pin Stripe

Janiek, 20
design student

Silver and black

Farah (27) is currently working as a buyer for the Bijenkorf in Amsterdam, the most well known department store in the Netherlands. I love how she combined her Filippa K coat and boots with double layered leggings.

Houndstooth coat

Laura, 27
project manager

First shorts

Daniel, 21

Lovely Freckles

You can't help yourself when this girl passes by with her beautiful red hair, it just gets you. At second glance I also noticed her super nice jacket and jewelry, so I decided I had to ask her for her picture. She was very enthusiastic, she told me she was a fashion student and totally into dutch designers. She looks stunning and it was nice to meet her! Cheers Elza

Jacket by sober
Earrings by witlof

Ton sur ton

Elena, 21

Soft Suede

Gina, 22
art history student

Maxi dress

Danielle, 23
fashion student

Leopard print

Jule, 20
fashion student

Hat trick

Wing, 21