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Studio Visits - Tony Marcus Sacharias

Some time ago we started the Studio Visits. The first in the series was a visit to the studio of Sober, for the second installment we would like to introduce you to Tony Marcus Sacharias. We hope you enjoy and it won't take just as long until the next!

Tony Marcus Sacharias (1980) is a conceptual fashion-designer who originates from Drenthe, a province in the North-East of the Netherlands. In 2010 he graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. Tony first caught our eye during Amsterdam International Fashion Week S/S 2012, where he presented his collection, ‘Marked by life’.
At the moment his studio is situated in his home a bit outside the centre of Amsterdam. Arriving at his studio and stepping inside the hall of the apartment our gaze is attracted by the focused room. The first part of the space presents a cosy living room with two couches and a small table in front of a television. The second part is divided from the first by a wardrobe with Tony’s latest collection and has a functional and tidy studio atmosphere. Bookshelves and pictures of his work in progress are arranged around a huge white table. General fashion books and other more specific art books are presented on white shelves. We spot books on Lucian Freud, Cindy Sherman and Egon Schiele, these hint to the designers inspirations for his collections.

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