White blouse

Marina, 31
fashion student


Sahin, 18
fashion student


Lisette, 20
fashion and branding

AMFI yearbook outtakes by Marta

Vintage coat

Bibi, 25
decor & costume designer

Tie - dye

Sander, 22

Girl with the feathers

Nikki, 22
student psychology

Look, I bought a glitter-catsuit!
Spandex is my new true love. At parties I always wear catsuits, and I bought my first spandex dress a while ago. One of the parties is called Familiar Forest; that’s why I have a tree on my cardigan. We go to festivals together, have fun, dress up and together with a friend I’m also doing acts. Last time we dressed up as brides…

Fashion Blogs - the digital edition

Fashion Blogs — From musings on personal taste to style reports around the globe.
by Kirstin Hanssen & Felicia Nitzsche, co-writer: Elina Tozzi and with photography by Krista van der Niet.

Since it was published in 2010 the original print editon of 'Fashion Blogs' has sold out everywhere making the book somewhat of a collector’s item.
We've had many questions regarding a re-print/second edition so we decided to make it available again, this time as a digital release. It still includes all of the original interviews with Garance Doré, Susie Bubble, Diane Pernet, The Cobra Snake, katelovesme, Glamcanyon, Moderniteter and many more!
We also completely revised the URL list containing the finest of fashion blogs in seven different categories, making all the links directly clickable.
It is a direct downloadable pdf and very tablet friendly.

For more info and a small preview go to fashionblogs-thebook.blogspot.com

or click here to buy directly through PayPal.

Once upon a time

Balint, 21

Stars & stripes

Kaho, 19
fashion student

“I wear a lot of bright colours on black basics. Once in two years I go to Hongkong to buy lots and lots of clothes. You find funny jackets there; jackets that look like they’ve been ripped apart, or with nice shoulder paddings. It’s a pity you don’t see these kind of jackets in the Netherlands."

Blue crush

Kirsten, 22
theater student

Innercity camouflage

Peter, 41
digital manager

Red jumper

Jolien, 24

Cinched coat


Little red bag

Eline, 19
Studies pedagogy

Dungaree & plaid

Chantal, 33