Graphic black & white

Roos (25) is wearing her own design. You can check out her t-shirt collection on

Lovely grey

Amanda, 23
student from Norway

Signal red

Sacha, 22
student fashion & branding

Scooter chic

Esmée, 20
fashion student

With a Twist

Tessie, 21

Mom's Blazer

Eva, 21

City Stroll

Anouk, 26
fashion designer


Gunifort, 19


Nina, 28
branding @ ilja vissers

Great Posture

Tomoko is an artist and pianist, based in Amsterdam. We loved her extravagant combination of black & white and her shoes were definitely an eye-catcher. You can view her work here:

Studio Visits - Sober

Since quite some time we at Dam Style have been thinking of ways to show you a bit more of Amsterdam's fashion people. Of course street style is still our main focus, the styles of the street have come far and are always influencing (high) fashion, but the clothes have to come from somewhere. To show this we decided to make visits to the studios of some young Amsterdam based designers. Off the streets in the studios so to say. We hope you'll enjoy the extensive read!

The first in this series is Sober. Sober came to us by way of Elza - one of the Dam Style photographers. It is quite a fresh brand, just a few collections young. The result of the collaboration between Robbert Wefers-Bettink & Cissy Noordeloos, it is a through and through Dutch label, but with an international edge to it as we found out. Their background comes into play in it's collections through the combination of minimal shapes, refined details and rich materials, creating a feeling of timelessness.

Knotted Shirt

Grietje, 22
fashion student