Fifties pieces

Julie Jojo, 20
musician / student

“I have a lot of pants, but I just never wear them. They don’t fit with my figure, luckily the fifties style does fit with my figure, so everything I have is from that time.
My mother has a second hand shop, and people started bringing their grandmother’s dresses for me. It’s those kind of dresses that people don’t dare to wear, and so I get these very nice original 50’s pieces, with petticoats and everything.
I like Marilyn Monroe of course. But I also look at other bloggers, The Bright Young Twins for example, they inspired me to style my hair more vintage. For my own blog I work with a girl that has the most amazing collection of 50’s and 60’s clothes. We started with the thought that when we’re older, there will only be pictures of us while going out in this kind of clothes, and not of the effort that we put in it, so that’s what we want to show on our blog."

French Twist

Inge, 32
student fashion / styling

“I like minimalism, with a certain playfulness. Attention for details is very important.”

All The Flowers

Samantha, 23

I guess I wanted to be comfortable today. Everything I wear is very flowy, but not completely casual, which is nice. I like interesting shapes on the body, things that aren’t necessarily formfitting in the traditional sense. Unpack what flattering means. Usually people think it means thin, but it doesn’t necessarily have to. I like to wear different shapes.
I’m an artist, and my inspiration comes from art. My three favourite female artists are Pina Bausch, Björk and Marina Abramović. She is in Amsterdam at the moment, so I’m visiting her performance.


fashion designer

Dark spectrum

Wiely, 23
student / shop assistent