Sjaak Hullekes - AFW S/S 2013

Showing in Amsterdam since a few consecutive seasons Sjaak Hullekes has become a staple of the menswear line-up during fashion week. The inspiration for the SS13 collection - Min'yō (japanese for folksongs) - came from 30’s to 50’s Asia, especially post war Japan. These were most apparent in atmosphere, using small details, colours and choice of material. Some of the very tight fitting pants and also quite form fitting shirts, the military style jackets did have a feeling of being a bit constricted at moments. All in all it seemed almost perfect for the bespoke line.

A special mention goes to the soundtrack. For some time now mr. Rauw, Joost van Bellen has been developing into the Michel Gaubert of the AFW. For the Sjaak Hullekes show he composed a mix of asian soundscapes with live cello playing, adaptations of classic rock tracks like ‘Paint it Black’ and ‘Paranoid’ creating a diverse accompaniment for the extensive collection.

Text by Micha Bakker


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